A Very Green Healthy Smoothie

green-smoothie 2

Avocado 1/2 pitted and shelled (I use one avocado, pitted & shelled I fill 2 large mason jars for the day)

Greens, kale and spinach, washed and preferably organic – Large handful

Fresh Pineapple, not canned, about 1 cup +

Cold Fresh Water about 2 cups +  (or Cold unflavored Coconut Water)

Lemon, 1/2 squeezed

1 peeled orange, seedless

2 TB. UP Extra Virgin Olive Oil with polyphenols over 400ppm (I used our Favalosa UP EVOO)

Blend on HIGH until smooth. Enjoy

Benefits: anti-inflammatory, alkalizing, vitamin C, good fats and delicious!