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Cider Glazed Scallops

 scallop dish
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Cider Glazed Scallop Recipe (with our Cider Syrup)
12 scallops
1 small shallot, minced
1/4 cup our Cider Vinegar
2 – 3 TB our UP Extra Virgin Olive Oil (I used Coratina Gran Cru – Italy)
1/4 tsp Makai Deep Sea Sat
2 – 3 TB our Cider Reduction Syrup

1. Coat saute pan with UP extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) on medium heat.
2. Evenly space scallops in pan, flat side down. Brown each side, cooking about 1 – 2 minutes per side. Remove from pan.
3. Add more EVOO in pan if dry, saute shallots until translucent.
4. Add Cider Vinegar, cooking down for about 1 minute. Add Cider Syrup and Makai Sea Salt, whisking together. Put cooked scallops back in pan, flipping to coat with glaze. Glaze will caramalize in just a minute so don’t walk away from the pan. Turn heat off immediately if glaze starts to darken. Caramelize don’t burn.
5. Plate up the scallops and drizzle extra glaze over top.
Serve with a shaved cucumber, apple, snap pea and cilantro salad drizzled with emulsified UP extra virgin olive oil (organic Arbequina and Cider Reduction Syrup).

(recipe courtesy of Carr’s Ciderhouse where we get our 100% organic cider vinegar…)