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Dates, Pecorino Cheese, Almond, Arugula Salad

dates pecorino salad

Dates, Pecorino Cheese, Almonds, Arugula Salad

This wonderful appetizer can be found in Sicily and Southern Italy. This simply flavorful salad paired with a crisp wine maybe all one needs!

8 – 10 Dates, pitted

8 – 10 thin slices of Pecorino cheese, sharp, shaved

Almonds, whole or slivered

1 cup baby Arugula

2 TB Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil (I used Picholine 2015 Robust)

Makai Sea Salt, fresh ground

Black Pepper, fresh ground

Slice a line part way through the dates, add thin shaving or Pecorino cheese inside, if using whole almonds put in beside cheese slice. If using slivered almonds sprinkle on top of the dates and arugula.

Present the stuffed dates on a bed of fresh baby arugula, drizzle with the selected UP EVOO on top of the dates and arugula, add a dash of fresh ground Makai Sea Salt and pepper to taste.

Options: add thinly sliced shallots and thin sliced celery on the bias. Use roasted walnuts instead of almonds.

Pour your wine and enjoy this Mediterranean Salad from Southern Italy.