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Nectarines, Tomatoes, Arugula and Pepitas Salad










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Tomato and Nectarine Salad with Pepitas and Scallions

1 lb. Tomatoes, sliced

1 lb. Nectarines or Peaches, pitted, wedge cut

3 TB Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Limonato Fused or Picual EVOO)

3 TB fresh squeezed lime juice

½ tsp. Makai Sea Salt

5 cups Arugula

4 scallions, thinly sliced

4 TB StonyBrook Pepitas

1.  Place tomatoes and nectarines or peaches in a large bowl; Whisk Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Lime juice together then drizzle on top. Sprinkle the Makai Sea Salt combine and toss gently.

  1. Place arugula in a large serving platter, spoon nectarine tomato mixture on top, toss gently. Sprinkle the scallions and pepitas on top. Serve immediately.  Serve with Grilled Salmon a Peach Balsamic Spritzer! Serves 8


Pulled Basil Corn Tomato Pasta Salad – Business After Hours Menu 9/14/16



Pulled Basil Corn Tomato Pasta Salad


Snip fresh basil

Organic Corn (I used garden corn on cob and cut it off the cob)

Fresh tomatoes, cut up

PrimoGrano Pasta 100% Abruzzese cook as directed until tender

Organic Power Green Mixture or fresh Swiss chard

*Robust Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil (I used our “Don Carlo”)

*Local Spicery Italian Herbs

Makai Deep Sea Salt, a dash here and there

*Mix EVOO and Spice together 15 minutes before mixing in to ingredients to let the herb flavor release (all our Spices are non-irradiated, non-GMO and GF).

Toss all ingredients together with EVOO mixture. Serve immediately. Add more vegetables and greens rather than a lot of pasta, 1/2 cup of pasta and lots of vegetables, Bellisimo!

Add your favorite fish and white wine.

The flavors and antioxidant benefits of this southern hemisphere extra virgin olive oil “Don Carlo” are 556 ppm with polyphenol level this is huge!

Per la Salute.

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Tomato Basil Delight

Tomato basil cheese pic

Tomato Basil Delight

Layer Ingredients:

Fresh garden tomatoes, sliced

Mozzarella cheese, sliced

Fresh Basil leaves

Asparagus, steamed quickly, cooled, keep crunchy tender

Repeat tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil leaves end with the tomato at top.

Drizzle a Robust seasonally crushed Ultra-Premium extra virgin olive oil and a bit of Traditional Aged ^18 year Balsamic and a dash of Makai Sea Salt. Variation: Basil Infused EVOO

Enjoy this delicious salad with a chunk of bread and your favorite wine. Complete the meal with a grand piece of fish grilled to perfection.


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