Balsamic Vinegars

Balsamic-Vinegar-grapesAged Balsamic Vinegar is the Trebbiano Grape must be cooked down in copper kettles, aged in a series of progressively smaller wooden barrels where it spends a minimum of 12 years to decades, until it becomes a sweet, syrupy, rich condiment.

The Aged Balsamic Vinegars are naturally sweet from the Trebbiano Grapes, there is no added sugar, thickeners or fillers of any kind. The aging process brings you the complex syrupy sweetness and low acidity that we have come to enjoy on gourmet cheeses, ice cream, meats, fish, roasted vegetables and our everyday salads. Enjoy the flavors and beneficial health properties in your daily menus.

Health Benefits of Balsamic Vinegar

Made from Trebbiano grapes, balsamic vinegar is known for its rich flavor and velvety mouthfeel. Balsamic vinegar offers several health benefits and a lot of flavor with a drizzle.

Low in Calories

With balsamic vinegar, a little goes a long way. Use 1 tablespoon or less when adding balsamic vinegar to salad dressings, sauces or even soups. A 1-tablespoon serving of balsamic vinegar has only 9 grams of sugar and 10 grams of carbohydrates.

Normalizes Blood Pressure

According to a study published in “Medscape General Medicine” in 2006, researchers found that balsamic vinegar reduced the hardening of arteries, also known as atherosclerosis. Because of this, balsamic vinegar also lowers and stabilizes blood pressure levels. Researchers in the study found that those who regularly consumed vinegar exhibited lower systolic blood pressure levels. However, further study on humans is required, as this study was animal-based.

Stabilizes Cholesterol Levels

Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol causes hardened, clogged and blocked arteries. In a 2010 study published in the “Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology,” researchers found that the polyphenols in balsamic vinegar limited the ability of LDL cholesterol to oxidize. This reduced the amount of damage done by LDL cholesterol on your body’s cells.

Regulates Blood Sugar

Foods are categorized as low or high on the glycemic index, based on how drastic an effect they have on your blood sugar levels. Foods low on the glycemic index will not cause spikes in your blood glucose levels, limiting the likelihood that you will experience an energy rush and crash, such as what you might experience from eating large quantities of refined sugar or starches. Balsamic vinegar is low on the glycemic index. A 1-tablespoon serving contains 9 grams of sugars, if you are diabetic, pay attention to the amount you consume.

Electrolyte Properties: the calcium and potassium from the grapes of the balsamic vinegar aids in the hydration benefits.


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