Month: January 2018

Supper Bowl

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Supper Bowl – Chicken, Brown Rice, Microgreens and Pineapple

Slow cooker Chicken thighs with Manzanillo UP Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sea Salt with Mediterranean Herbs and Spices. I added 2 cups Chicken Bone Broth about an hour into the cooking process. (Note: I used the broth and the rest of the chicken for a soup with Purple carrots, fresh parsley and Napa cabbage.)

Brown Rice cooked as directed, I used organic Vegetable Broth for the liquid instead of water, adding a little more broth to make it moist. Microgreens added on top just before serving. Add fresh pineapple on the side or dice and add it to your brown rice.

Drizzle a generous amount of your favorite Olive Oil on top and serve. Deliciously Simple.

Education at UC Davis Olive Center California – 2018

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UC Davis Olive Center Course January 2018




Melgarejo Hojiblanca, First Prize Award Wining Intense Fruitiness, Olive Oil
Michael Bradley (second from the left) and the First Prize Award Winning Olive Grove Owners of ‘Melgarejo’ Hojiblanca from Spain and me.



What Have We Been Up To Lately

Sensory Certification Course January 2018 – UC Davis Olive Center Davis California

This January 2018, I participated in the Sensory Evaluation Certificate Course at UC Davis Olive Center in California; where Stephen also received his education and certification June of 2015.  We are committed to continuing our education and to be your trusted source for the freshest and healthiest extra virgin olive oil in the world.

What is Sensory Evaluation of Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The sensory evaluation of olive oil is done with the sense of smell, taste and feel. It is a scientific discipline used to evoke, measure, analyze and interpret reactions.  An Extra Virgin Olive Oil has ZERO defects in nose notes (smell) and flavor notes (taste and feel). The course also focused in on cooking with olive oil, YES, you can cook with high quality extra virgin olive oil.

This course enlightened me to what a fresh and living extra virgin olive oil smells and tastes like. It is a lot of work milling, picking and crushing these olives – time and environment matters greatly in the results.

UC Davis Olive Center this month had experts from around the world in nutrition and preventative medicine that discussed the role of olive oil health benefits and the Mediterranean Lifestyle with foods. We will be having an educational tasting event with the latest news and research regarding Olive Oil in February. Stay tuned to our Facebook, Instagram and Blog.