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The Day Article May 27 2018 with Ann Baldeli







Thank You Ann for an awesome article to help people learn more about our mission and passion.  Suzanne and Stephen Capizzano


When you stop in to visit let us know where  you heard about us.

We are five years old now on Coggswell Street in Pawcatuck CT. Stay tuned for our Anniversary Celebration.

Avocado Caprese Salad









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Avocado Caprese Salad
  • 2 Avocado washed, pitted and shelled, cut in half (4 halves)
  • 1 container of Fresh tomatoes grape or cherry, wash and cuthalf
  • 1 container of Mozzarella balls drained well, cuthalf
  • 2 TBS TBS Capizzano’s Pesto or make your own
  • 5 TBS Capizzano’s Basil Infused Olive Oil add enough for it to coat all ingredients about 4 – 5 TBS.
  • Capizzano’s Private Reserve Traditional Balsamic Vinegar drizzle on top before serving.
  • basil leaves snipe enough as a garnish on top.
  • 2 Avocado washed, pitted and shelled, cut in half (4 halves)
  • 1 container of Fresh tomatoes grape or cherry, wash and cuthalf
  • 1 container of Mozzarella balls drained well, cuthalf
  • 2 TBS TBS Capizzano’s Pesto or make your own
  • 5 TBS Capizzano’s Basil Infused Olive Oil add enough for it to coat all ingredients about 4 – 5 TBS.
  • Capizzano’s Private Reserve Traditional Balsamic Vinegar drizzle on top before serving.
  • basil leaves snipe enough as a garnish on top.
  1. Put shelled and pitted avocado half in a shallow bowl. Put tomatoes, mozzarella, Basil Olive Oil and pesto in a bowl, fold together until thoroughly coated. Add mixture of tomatoes, mozzarella, pesto and Basil Olive Oil on top of avocado. Drizzle the Traditional Aged Balsamic Vinegar on top. Garnish with fresh snipped basil leaves. Enjoy.
Recipe Notes

The avocadoes and our high phenol olive oils provide you with nutrient dense healthy fats in this simply delicious salad. Serves 4

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Charcuterie an Artful Palette of Flavors and Colors









Capizzano Olive Oils & Vinegars Charcuterie Menu – November 8 2017 Event.

Cheeses are from Fromage Fine Foods in Old Saybrook CT.
Ewphoria (Holland) with our Cranberry Orange Salsa
Polder Goat Gouda (Holland) with Maple Balsamic, Fruit and nuts
Crucolo (Italy) with Private Limited Reserve Balsamic, almonds, pecans and fruit. Pairs with the Baklouti Chile Pepper Olive Oil.
Piave Vecchio (Italy) with Olive Wood Smoked Olive Oil and our Olives Garlic Stuffed Gordal and Seville Orange Manzanillo.
Chaumes (France) with thinly sliced onions, crackers, almonds and pistachios paired with Olive Wood Smoked Olive Oil.
Finnocchiona (Italy) cured meat with fennel pairs with cheese, crackers, onions and nuts.

Nuts: Pecans Roasted in Black Mission Balsamic & Local Spicery Dawn Spice, Roasted Maple Pepitas Stony Brook Oils, Pistachios, & Marcona Almonds.

Fresh Fruit: Asian Pears, Honey Crisp Apples, Asian Persimmons
Dried Fruit: Mejadool Dates (pitted), California Apricots & Black Mission Figs

*Capizzano™s Olives, Garlic Stuffed and Seville Orange Stuffed .
*Cranberry Orange Salsa made with Blood Orange Olive Oil & Runamok Maple Syrup Elderberry Infused.
*Walnut Green Bean Spread with Mushroom & Sage Olive Oil
* All made with Capizzano Olive Oils & Vinegars LLC.

*Sweet Treats: Greek Chocolate Coffee Bark made with Limonata Olive Oil and Raspberry Balsamic
Red Apple Tart from Broad Street Kitchen with Limonata Olive Oil and Red Apple Balsamic emulsified topping.

*Limonana Shrub Drink made with Sicilian Lemon Balsamic, Just Cranberry and Sparkling water

Wine: Aqua de Piedra (Argentina) Malbec 2016 pairs well with the cheeses, fruit and nuts with a balanced spicy red plum flavor combined with it silky texture a great choice for the charcuterie.

Featured Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar of Champions at the Rio Olympics

Capizzano Olive Oils & Vinegar – the Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars of the Rio Olympic Games Supplied by The Bradley’s – Veronica Foods are one and the same at our stores!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Oil of Champions – Veronica Foods Products Selected for Rio Olympic Games – Again!


For the second consecutive Olympic Games, we are proud to announce that our our olive oils and vinegar were selected by the official US Caterer to nourish the US Olympic pavilions in Rio serving our athletes and international press. Our products are being incorporated into  thousands of daily meals in several different locations.

“The olive oils and balsamic vinegar that the Bradleys procure and create will be perfectly paired with the fresh and organic ingredients Crisafulli’s team purchases locally to make healthy meals for the athletes”.

Chef Crisafulli selected over 30 oils and vinegars to be featured in various dishes and to be used as dressings. – “What makes these products so special are the many years this family has partnered with olive oil producers all over the world, ensuring they produce according to their criteria to extract the maximum health benefits and taste from the olives. Procuring all over the world allows them to follow the season and to constantly sell very fresh oils.” 

This year Crisafulli bought extra virgin oils: Italian Favalosa, Spanish Arbequina, Chilean Picual, Australian Picholine, Australian Coratina, Chilean Koroneki, Chilean Coratina. He also bought infused and fused oils: Wild Rosemary, Tuscan Herb, Eureka Lemon, Baklouti Green Chili, Basil, Wild Dill, Herbs De Provence, Persian Lime, Mushroom and Sage, Chipotle, Cilantro and Onion, Harissa, California Walnut Oil, Italian Truffle Oil. The balsamic vinegar he bought include: Neapolitan Herb, Blackberry Ginger, Fig, Traditional, Mango, Jalapeno, Peach, Sicilian Lemon.

RIO Olympic OILS featured
       Posted by Rachel Bradley
       Olive Oil Rio Olympics

Tomato Basil Delight

Tomato basil cheese pic

Tomato Basil Delight

Layer Ingredients:

Fresh garden tomatoes, sliced

Mozzarella cheese, sliced

Fresh Basil leaves

Asparagus, steamed quickly, cooled, keep crunchy tender

Repeat tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil leaves end with the tomato at top.

Drizzle a Robust seasonally crushed Ultra-Premium extra virgin olive oil and a bit of Traditional Aged ^18 year Balsamic and a dash of Makai Sea Salt. Variation: Basil Infused EVOO

Enjoy this delicious salad with a chunk of bread and your favorite wine. Complete the meal with a grand piece of fish grilled to perfection.


Capizzano Olive Oils & Vinegars LLC   www.CapizzanoCo.com

860-495-2187 CT   401-315-2655 RI

Bread – Fresh Baked – Watch Hill


Specialty Bread for sale with our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fresh Baked Bread – Tuesday – Concerts and Beach goers find simple pleasures with your favorite bottle of Certified UP Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO).

Dip your fresh bread into our Tuscan Herb or Garlic EVOO – scrumptious! Bring your wine and relax listen to the music or ocean sounds at Watch Hill.
Location: 102 Bay Street, Watch Hill, RI.

Our bread is made special for you from Broad Street Kitchen in Pawcatuck CT. Breaking Bread for you Thursdays – Saturdays at Capizzano Olive Oils & Vinegars – Watch Hill.
Need more than one loaf please call us 24 hours ahead to reserve.


Capizzano Olive Oils & Vinegars is Growing

COOV Watch Hill Store  102 Bay Street, Watch Hill, Rhode Island

June 2016: We are excited to open a second store on Bay Street in Watch Hill – come and experience a culinary cornucopia of flavors with our exceptional certified Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Aged Balsamic Vinegars, Gourmet Sea Salts, Spices and Pastas from around the world. We carefully select products that are made without synthetic chemicals, fillers, refined sugars or colorings. We support the Non GMO Project and organic products.

Simple foods with a drizzle of fresh extra virgin olive oil or aged balsamic vinegar on a summer salad, bread, gourmet cheese, ice cream; with your favorite wine or sparkling Balsamic Spritzer (see RECIPE) is perfect as you relax with the beautiful ocean scenery. You will find the art and science of great flavors for every culinary artist at Capizzano Olive Oils & Vinegars.

In April of 2016, we launched a partnership with Back to Basics Natural Foods Grocery in East Greenwich Rhode Island. You will find a selection of our Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Aged Balsamic Vinegars there, along with an education. You are able to ‘taste before you buy’ !  The team at Back to Basics has more than 30 years providing healthy choices and education to their customers. We are glad to be in partnership with a team that aligns with our mission and goals.

Our beautiful store on Coggswell Street in Pawcatuck CT is eager to provide you with all that you have come to love from us on this magical street!

Join us in celebrating our growth and our continued mission for value, quality and excellent customer service.

You will find a happy dance for your palate with each new discovery!

Per La Salute

Suzanne and Stephen Capizzano

Ruby Grapefruit, Avocado, Pear, Almond & Coconut Salad

pink grapefruit salad Original Recipe and Photo credit to Mary Platis www.californiagreekgirl.com

Ruby Grapefruit Salad (serves 4 – 5)


Arugula greens (kale, spinach, or butter lettuce can be used)

2 sweet ruby grapefruit, peeled, seeded and sectioned

2 avocados, pitted, peeled and sliced or cubed

2 Bosc pears, washed and sliced or cubed

½ cup sliced almonds

½ cup shredded coconut (I used unsweetened)


½ cup Fennel ‘Agrumato’ Whole Herb Extra Virgin Olive Oil (many options)

¼ cup A-Premium White Balsamic (many options)

Makai Celtic Sea Salt to taste

Whisk together


Arrange salad ingredients, including almonds and coconut on plate, drizzle dressing mixture on top.

Enjoy with a select white wine pairing like, “Gruner Veltliner” from Australia or a Sauvignon Blanc “Overstone” from New Zealand they will complement this exceptional salad with the citrus and fennel.

The options at Capizzano Olive Oils & Vinegars are numerous to create your signature flavor!

See Mary Platis Food Blog for more unique ideas with extra virgin olive oils