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Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Dark Chocolate Benefits of the Heart – EU Cardiology



Capizzano Olive Oils & Vinegars Famous Truffles made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Aged Balsamic and Dark Chocolate. No added sugar.


Our famous Truffles are all about healthy choices! High polyphenol levels, oleic acids and flavonoids along with exceptional flavor. It is great to have validation from this European Cardiologist research study. Handcrafted special orders taken at Capizzano Olive Oils & Vinegars LLC.


Tomato, Artichoke, Olives & Parsley Salad

Tomato, Artichoke, Olives & Parsley Salad
Prep time
Total time
Simple Healthy and Delicious. Add a fresh baked bread and your favorite wine with friends. Per La Salute. Original recipe credit to my friend Robyn from Simply Fresh Dinners.
Recipe type: Salad
Cuisine: Mediterranean
Serves: 6
  • 2 - 3 Tomatoes, quartered
  • Artichokes, organic low sodium, halved
  • Olives, quartered ( I used our Olives from Spain fresh tasting no MSG )
  • Fresh Parsley, snipped
  • Dressing:
  • Garlic Infused Olive Oil 3 - 4 ounces
  • Serrano Honey Vinegar 2 ounce
  1. Put prepared tomatoes, artichokes, olives and parsley in a large salad bowl.
  2. Mix Garlic Infused Olive Oil with Serrano Honey Vinegar whisk together to emulsify before drizzling on the salad.

Wedding Reception 2016 – Wedding Favors for Your Guests

wedding-favor-2  wedding-favor3





wedding-favorsCustom Printed Labels

Wedding Favors

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Healthy Choice

Function and Form your Guest will be pleased to receive.

No synthetic flavors or additives only seasonal crushed certified Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Exceptionally Aged Balsamic Vinegars.


wedding-favor-4Stop by our store to learn more details; custom label printed and more for your special day. Allow 4 weeks for printed labels.

Beautiful Wedding Reception, September 2016 at The Atlantic Resort, Middletown Rhode Island; featuring our Tuscan Herb Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Wedding Favors – Bridal Showers – Creative Gifts

wedding favor 1 bottlewedding favors

Wedding Favors





wedding favor 2 bottles







Simply Healthy and Elegant Wedding Favors. A small oval “Keepsake” box holds a single bottle. Your Guests will taste the difference with our exceptional Ultra-Premium extra virgin olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars.

Custom Labels Printed – stop by our store for details and prices! Choose your favorite extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar! A perfect wedding favor for your invited honored guests.

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Salad Love for You

Red Cabbage Salad

Salad Love for You
You choose the amount of each ingredient:
Shred Red Cabbage
Crisp Cucumbers, diced
Shred Yellow Peppers
Shred Carrots
Shred Napa Cabbage
Thinly chopped scallions
Cook, Cooled Couscous

Delicious Dressing:
Capizzano’s Garlic Infused extra virgin olive oil and Honey Ginger Aged White Balsamic. Pinch of Culinary Sea Salt. Whisk together.

Toss all ingredients together in one large bowl.
Serve in separate bowls.
Dressing: Whisk together, our Infused Garlic EVOO with Honey Ginger Aged White Balsamic add a pinch of Makai Deep Sea Salt.
Drizzle Garlic – Honey Ginger dressing over salad.
Top with cashews or nuts of your choice. Garnish with fresh cilantro.
Per La Salute. Suzanne & Stephen


A Very Green Healthy Smoothie

green-smoothie 2

Avocado 1/2 pitted and shelled (I use one avocado, pitted & shelled I fill 2 large mason jars for the day)

Greens, kale and spinach, washed and preferably organic – Large handful

Fresh Pineapple, not canned, about 1 cup +

Cold Fresh Water about 2 cups +  (or Cold unflavored Coconut Water)

Lemon, 1/2 squeezed

1 peeled orange, seedless

2 TB. UP Extra Virgin Olive Oil with polyphenols over 400ppm (I used our Favalosa UP EVOO)

Blend on HIGH until smooth. Enjoy

Benefits: anti-inflammatory, alkalizing, vitamin C, good fats and delicious!

Our Famous Truffle Recipe Released

Capizzano Olive Oils & Vinegars Truffle Recipe


11.5-ounce bag of dark chocolate chips (65% – 70% sweetened) – I used 100% unsweetened cacao chips

1 can, 11 ounces, organic sweetened condensed coconut milk

3 TB. 100% Cocoa Powder, Unsweetened (Not Dutch Processed)

2 Tablespoons, Capizzano’s UP Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Limonata Fused EVOO

5 Tablespoons Capizzano Olive Oils & Vinegars – Raspberry Dark Balsamic Vinegar


  1. Heat on low in a non-reactive pan combine chocolate chips and sweetened condensed coconut milk – stir constantly do not allow to burn or stick to pan. Mix until smooth, remove from heat.
  2. Add UP Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Aged Raspberry balsamic vinegar and dry cocoa powder; stir gently until smooth and mixed completely. Texture – look for peaks not soupy. Add a bit more dry cocoa powder if still soupy.
  3. Prepare 8 x 8 pan, grease bottom of pan (so paper sticks to pan) line with parchment paper or wax paper. Extend the edges of paper over the sides of the pan. Pour mixture on top of the paper in pan cover and refrigerate for 2 hours. When firm and moldable, scoop out a small portion with a teaspoon and shape into balls the size of a cherry. Or cut in small squares. Or if you have candy molds use them!
  4. Place truffles in small candy cups on serving plate. Keep cold until serving. Makes about 40 Truffles.  Stores in refrigerator for 1 – 2 weeks covered.

Options:  Drizzle our Signature Blend Chocolate Raspberry Balsamic over the Truffle and raspberry serve on a white plate. Bellisimo!

Options:  Roll truffles in Capizzano Olive Oils & Vinegars – Dawn Spice!

Variations: Butter Olive Oil. Butternut Squash Seed Oil, Limonata Green or Blood Orange Fused Olive Oil

S Capizzano www.CapizzanoCo.com 860-495-2187


Capizzano’s Hearty Healthy Soup

Hearty Soup

Capizzano’s Hearty Healthy Soup

4 Shallots, sliced
1 bunch Celery, sliced
Carrots multi color organic, sliced thick, 1 heaping cup
Garbanzo beans organic, drain and rinse, 1can
Edamame organic frozen, 1/2 cup
Chicken or Vegetable broth unsalted organic, 1 box
Capizzano’s Pomodoro d Basilico small jar or crushed tomatoes seasoned
Baby kale and spinach and/or swiss chard, rinsed, large handful
Herbs our Local Spicery Italian Herbs or Garden Gems 1 TB.

Capizzano’s Tuscan Herb Infused extra virgin olive oil to drizzle
Sprinkle of Makai Celtic Sea Salt to taste

How to: Drizzle 4 TB of our Favalosa UP extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) add shallots and sauté on medium heat until transparent. Add broth, celery, and carrots let it come to a boil for a few minutes. Turn heat to medium low, add beans (garbanzo & edamame), tomato sauce, and Herbs; simmer covered for 5 minutes. Add kale, spinach, and or Swiss chard at the end, turn heat off.
Serve immediately drizzle with our Tuscan Herb Infused EVOO on top of the soup with a sprinkle of Makai Sea Salt and enjoy.

Bold words are products in our store and online; excluding the tomato sauce.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil A Spice For Our Health

fall salad

As we begin our journey to a Mediterranean Lifestyle through foods and fresh extra virgin olive oil it is good to learn more about what benefits extra virgin olive oils provide us. Here is an informative link by Olive Oil Times.


We look forward to beginning our series of events focused on Health Through Heritage, Mediterranean Lifestyle with menu planning and recipes using our Ultra Premium Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil. On November 18th we will be discussing 8 Simple Steps to a Mediterranean Lifestyle and more. A book is available for purchase for our series of events to integrate into your own personal routine. The recipes are easy to prepare and delicious.

Join us November 18, December 1, December 9 and December 16 for educational tips and tastings from the books recipes. A sampling of an exceptional wine and sparkling mineral water will complement the menu and evening.

See details on our Event Schedule for cost and RSVP requirements.