Do you have any Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

We get this question frequently and with a name like Capizzano you would think we would have Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil all the time.

The question begs the reason we got into this business. When Suzanne and I started, we looked at it as an educational adventure, one that suggested quality and excellence.

In the past 10 years or so you’ve probably become more aware that most extra virgin olive oils, are not extra virgin. Many books, papers, articles have been written about the fraud being perpetrated upon the public in this regard. At Capizzano Olive Oils and Vinegars, our priority is to educate and then to bring you the very best. This is why, at times, we don’t have any Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is not that we couldn’t get it, but that it is not up to our standards.

Not an easy thing for an Italian to admit.

But not to worry, soon we will have an exquisite Coratina from Italy, one that we value to be the finest. You will not have to take our word for it, it will be in writing. And by the way we have exceptional Ultra Premium extra virgin olive oils from Spain, Portugal, California, Chile, and Peru.

When you ask, why we do not have a particular olive oil, the answer may be as simple as, it does not live up to our standards because, we value the taste of excellence.