May is Mediterranean Life Style Awareness Month

May is Mediterranean Life Style Awareness Month. A Way of Life.

These foods include:

  • fresh extra virgin olive oil
  • healthy whole grains
  • abundance of fresh vegetables
  • fruits
  • seafood
  • with a modest amounts of cheese (i.e. feta, mozzarella)

The “Mediterranean Life Style” focuses on specific foods, enjoyable activities, physical movements, relaxed meal time, and wine in moderation. Mindful eating, Europeans spend more time eating while consuming less. Americans spend less time eating while consuming an average of 30% more than Europeans (Vita Journal May 2012).

This ‘way of life’ is not a diet, program or quick fix plan, it does not include processed shakes or prepared packages. Mediterranean eating is focused on the freshness of the foods and low saturated fats, which increases the nutrient value exponentially. Mediterranean lifestyle has been extensively researched in preventing chronic diseases such as heart disease, metabolic syndrome, Type 2 Diabetes and certain types of cancer.

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